Payment and security
1. How do I pay Ctrip?
Hotel reservations
Flight reservations
2. Is it safe to buy online?
How do I pay Ctrip?
Hotel reservations:
The most common way to pay is at check out using cash or a credit card. However, some hotels may allow prepayment.
Flight reservations:
You may prepay by credit card using our online system, or pay after you get your ticket using cash or by a credit card. You can select which payment method you want to use during booking.
Is it safe to buy online?

Your information is guaranteed to remain secure on

We only allow your credit card number to be transmitted to us over the Internet if your browser supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. As you enter your credit card number, SSL encodes the information transmitted in a format that prevents any form of or data theft. Once received by our secure server, your credit card number is never transmitted over the Internet again.

SSL safe connection and secure transaction technology has effectively protected hundreds of thousands of Ctrip customers who have transmitted their credit card numbers online.

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