Hotel reservations
1. How do I book a hotel online?
2. What is the Ctrip Low Price Guarantee?
3. How does the Credit Card Guarantee work?
The Credit Card Guarantee process
Your responsibilities and penalties
4. How do I change or cancel my hotel reservation?
5. What is the deadline for canceling or changing my hotel reservation?
6. What if I don't show up at the hotel?
7. What is the difference between "service apartment" and "resort"?
8. Is the exchange rate of CNY against the US dollar an up-to-the-minute rate on your website?
9. How do I pay Ctrip?
Hotel reservations
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10. What does the "Breakfast" column mean?
11. What does the icon mean?
12. What does mean?
13. What should I do if I have a special room request?
14. What's the difference between "Pay at check-out" and "Prepay online"?
15. Does the room rate include tax?
16. Why do I need to input the estimated arrival time?
17. What should I do if I check out in advance?
18. How do I know my reservation is confirmed?
19. What forms of identification should I present at check in?
20. Can I add additional guests to my current booking?
21. How can I get a receipt of my hotel reservation?
How do I book a hotel online?
To book a hotel online, start from the home page and click the "Hotels" tab in the left top search area. Fill in the options with yellow backgrounds. The white blanks are optional.
Reservation process ▼
What is the Ctrip Low Price Guarantee?
Ctrip promises:

Every time you book a hotel through us, your member rate will always be lower than the hotel rate offered the day you check in.

If this is not the case and you check in at a rate lower than your Ctrip rate, you can receive double Ctrip points for the booking. Just send us your invoice for confirmation.

If you decide to pay your Ctrip member rate, you can receive both the CNY difference between rates and get double Ctrip points for the booking. Again, just send us your invoice so we can confirm the difference.

How does the Credit Card Guarantee work?
Due to high demand for hotel rooms during peak periods, you must provide credit card information to guarantee your reservation.
The Credit Card Guarantee process:

After you provide your credit card information, Ctrip will verify the credit card information in order to confirm your reservation with the hotel. Ctrip will send you confirmation of your reservation once the hotel has verified and accepted your information. Your hotel room will be held for you until noon of the day following your check-in date. If you provide incorrect or false credit card information or if Ctrip cannot verify your information for any reason, your reservation cannot be guaranteed and the hotel will not hold your room for you.

Your responsibilities and penalties:
  • No-show charge: After your credit card guarantee has been verified and accepted by the hotel, you can incur a no-show charge if yo